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Roadmap for Trident Removal

SNP CND have published a Roadmap for Trident Removal. This is a detailed map of how an independent Scotland can get rid of Trident. 



  • The key technical steps as described in the Disarming Trident report by Scottish CND
  • The looming redundancy of submarines as a platform for nuclear weapons
  • The transformation of the international mood with the adoption of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • How it fits neatly into current SNP policy for Scotland's future defence forces
  • The need for an agreement with the remaining UK to safely dismantle the hulks at Rosyth and Devonport
  • The credible nature of a distinctive Scottish, as opposed to British, defence diversification strategy
  • Addressing, for the first time, the issue of the seven nuclear powered, but conventional tasked Astute Class hunter-killer submarines based at Faslane
  • Looking at the prospect of NATO membership as a negotiating tool to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons, rather than the binary in/out perspective.

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