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Scottish CND AGM 2018


Resolutions and Amendments from Scottish CND AGM 2018

1.     Resolution 1 in the name of Scottish CND was carried

a.     Amendment to resolution 1 in name of Aberdeen and District CND was not accepted.

Motion supported by David Kelly and Isobel Lindsay and was overwhelmingly carried; Amendment in name of Aberdeen and District CND was not accepted with 5 in favour and 12 against.

Resolution 1

Scottish CND Executive to be moved by Janet Fenton

This AGM recognizes the outstanding contribution of Brian Quail to Scottish CND and the wider Peace Movement.

This AGM agrees to install Brian as a lifetime Special Advisor to SCND.

The AGM notes that this will allow Brian to link in with our executive committee and other working groups within the Scottish CND structure in a special advisory capacity


2.     Resolution 2 in the name of Scottish CND was passed as amendment motion

a.     Amendment moved by Edinburgh Stop the War was accepted.

b.     Amendment moved by Aberdeen and District CND was accepted.

c.      Amendment moved by David Kelly and Kate Crawford was not accepted.

d.     First two points of an amendment from Eric Chester were accepted.

e.     Third point of an amendment from Eric Chester was accepted by the meeting.

Amendment by Edinburgh Stop the War was seconded by Eileen Cook. Janet Fenton, Eileen Cook, Eric Chester, Bill Ramsay added comments. Arthur West clarified definition of remitting amendments. First amendment passed with 26 in favour and 25 against. Amendment by Aberdeen and District CND passes by agreement to add to point 4. Amendment by David Kelly was formally seconded by Kate Crawford did not pass with 7 in favour and 52 against. David Kelly, Bill Ramsay, Shona McAlpine and Martha Ferry added comments. Amendment by Eric Chester passes with 48 in favour and 5 against. Eric Chester, Mike Martin, Isobel Lindsay and Janet Fenton added comments.

Resolution 2

Scottish CND executive to be moved by Arthur West

Scottish CND will continue to build and demonstrate Scottish opposition to Trident renewal.

Scottish CND will also continue to support the TPNW and the campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide.

Making Scotland a nuclear free zone is a priority goal for Scottish CND. This will require decommissioning the two aging nuclear reactors that are currently in operation, as well as banning all nuclear weapons on Scottish territory.

Scottish CND agrees to take the following steps to carry out these aims

1.      Continue to highlight that the majority of our elected representatives share our commitment to scrapping Trident and elimination of nuclear weapons in common with the majority of UN member states.

2.      Continue to provide information and support to MPs and MSPs on nuclear weapons related issues and press them to speak out in public about how Scotland can contribute to disarmament by supporting the parliamentary pledge for the TPNW
We also resolve to press elected members to use every opportunity to highlight the dangers presented by the Faslane and Coulport facilities and the nuclear weapons convoys.

3.      Scottish CND will work with other peace and environmental organisations to create a coalition that can mobilise popular support for closing down both nuclear reactors as rapidly as possible, but no later than five years from now. This campaign could utilise a variety of tactics including rallies, marches and civil disobedience.

4.      Continue to produce regular, reliable and trustworthy press releases and briefings for conventional broadcast, online and social media outlets about nuclear disarmament issues locally and globally.

5.      Continue with our partners in the wider Scottish Peace Movement through coalitions such as the Scottish Scrap Trident Coalition, ICAN Scottish Partners Round Table, Scottish Don't Bank on the Bomb Network, Nukewatch, Trident Ploughshares, the Scottish Peace Network, Stop the War, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, People and Planet and Faslane Peace Camp.
We also resolve to work with new and emerging networks to ensure strong advocacy and public discussion as we work towards a Scotland free of nuclear weapons and nuclear dependency.

6.      Intervene in future election campaigns to lobby candidates and encourage voters to vote for parties and candidates opposed to nuclear weapons.

7.      Continue to publicise the anniversaries of the Chernobyl and Fukushima incidents.
In addition we will use the Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversaries to highlight the dreadful consequences of using nuclear weapons.

8.      Continue to sustain and increase the membership of Scottish CND through promoting the activities of the organisation.
Scottish CND will also give priority to supporting and sustaining local groups.

9.      Continue working with trade unions, faith groups and other civic organisations to build on work already done in relation to developing ideas for diversifying the economy away from the production of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.
Therefore a major part of the work of Scottish CND will continue to be making the arguments that money and resources currently linked to nuclear weapons expenditure could be better spent on socially useful items such as health, education and responding to the challenges of climate change.

10.  Continue our active programme of public work through regular street stalls and stalls at conferences and events

11.Continue to develop an up to date and well researched programme of education to schools and the wider community through support for the activities of the Peace Education Scotland charity

12.Develop mobile exhibition including a timeline to mark the 60th anniversary of Scottish CND. This work will be supported through a National Heritage Lottery Grant. It is planned to take the exhibition to various locations across the country such as museums, schools and the Scottish Parliament

13.In view of the intensity of political debate, which will characterise the next six months, Scottish CND will continue to highlight the case for scrapping Trident and will discuss with the Scrap Trident Coalition the option of a demonstration in Glasgow for late Spring 2019.

3.     Resolution 3 in the name of Aberdeen and District CND was passed as amended from Scottish CND, Kate Crawford and David Kelly.

a.     Amendment from Eileen Cook was not accepted.

Motion passed with amendments with 42 in favour and 5 against, formally seconded by Keith Stoddy. Amendment from Isobel Lindsay passes with 37 in favour and 13 against. Mike Martin, Eileen Cook, Bill Ramsay, Brian Quail and Eric Chester added comments. Eileen Cook’s amendment has been added to motion to amendment has become part of motion.

Resolution 3

Moved by Aberdeen CND

Scottish CND should be as broad and as inclusive organisation as possible to gain it maximum support. The aims of the Constitution of Scottish CND are as follows-

The aims of Scottish CND shall be:

a)      The unilateral abandonment by Britain of nuclear weapons, nuclear bases and nuclear alliances, as a prerequisite for a British foreign policy which has as its main objective the world-wide abolition of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons leading to General and complete disarmament.

b)     Opposition to the manufacture, stockpiling, testing, use and threatened use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons by any country, and to policies of any country or group of countries which make nuclear war more likely, or which hinder progress towards a world without weapons of mass destruction

Scottish CND has an obligation to pursue the most effective strategy to achieve these objectives. The current political reality at Westminster is that both parties are committed to keep Trident in Scotland and to proceed with the replacement programme. Currently, the strategy that offers by far the best opportunity is the establishment of an Independent Scottish state with responsibility for defence. With a very substantial political majority in Scotland opposed to nuclear weapons, this would enable us to join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and in doing, not only clearing these from Scottish land and waters, but also making the rest of the UK’s nuclear capacity non-viable. SCND should therefore continue to support the principle of an Independent Scotland. SCND has always welcomed those who support our opposition to nuclear weapons whatever their other views and they have always found a positive role.


4.     Resolution 4 in the name of Edinburgh CND was carried.

Eileen Cook formally seconded and motion was unanimously passed.

Resolution 4

Moved by Edinburgh CND

Conference notes:

1.      The possibility of a second Independence referendum in the foreseeable future.

2.      Scottish CND’s support for Independence as a route to nuclear disarmament

3.      The likelihood that the issue of Trident and Faslane will become a negotiating issue in any Independence discussions between the UK and Scottish Governments.

Conference resolves to campaign to ensure that the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland is not negotiable and NATO membership must also continue to be opposed.

To this end SCND will prepare a leaflet and other appropriate campaign materials in preparation for taking a firm stand if there were to be any suggestion of negotiability.

The leaflet would be particularly targeted at pro -Independence events to assure that all parties are well prepared to defend the right of an independent Scotland to be Nuclear free without delay


5.     Resolution 5 in the name of Aberdeen and District CND was carried.

Mike Martin on behalf of Aberdeen and District CND moved motion and was formally seconded Ann Ballinger. Motion was unanimously carried.

Resolution 5

Defence Diversification moved by Aberdeen CND

This Scottish CND Conference welcomes efforts to promote Defence Diversification by diverse labour movement and peace groups including by the STUC and SCND who have called for a Scottish Defence Diversification Agency, whose main focus will be planning and resourcing the diversification of jobs away from Defence projects such as Trident, and promoting the greening of the Scottish economy.

Conference applauds Scottish CND’s promotion of recent research report by Nuclear Education

Trust - Defence Diversification - International learning for Trident jobs

Conference requests that SCND Executive urge groups and Peace Education Scotland to assign a high priority to Defence Diversification in their work and to offer assistance if required


6.     Resolution 6 in the name of Aberdeen and District CND was carried.

Motion from Aberdeen and District CND moved by Mike Martin and formally seconded by Janet Fenton. Murdoch added comments on the importance of this issue being discussed in support of motion.

Resolution 6

The Creeping Militarisation of the EU to be moved by Aberdeen CND

This SCND Conference views with alarm the increasing militarisation of the European Union which is happening mostly without public debate and in closed meetings. Moreover, recent press reports claim that discussions have started in Berlin on whether Germany should develop their own nuclear weapons.

Conference notes:

1.      The launch of the European Defence Fund by the European Commission which was adopted in June 2017

2.      The endorsement of financing of independent EU Defence projects for the first time by MEPs in July 2018

3.      Conference asserts that investing EU funds in military research will not only divert resources from more peaceful purposes but is also likely to fuel arms races and undermine security in Europe or elsewhere.

4.      Conference recognises that the EU could play a valuable role in the international community by funding research into conflict prevention and resolution.

5.      Conference also calls upon the EU to focus funds on the mitigation of the pressing threat of climate change and to alleviate the refugee crisis.

6.      Conference welcomes the launch of Researchers for Peace a coalition of 700 scientists and academics across Europe which calls on the EU to stop funding military research


7.     Resolution 7 in the name of Edinburgh CND was carried.

Malcolm Bruce of Edinburgh CND moved motion and was formally seconded by Ann Ballinger. Jonathon Russell and Jim added comments. Passed unanimously.

Resolution 7

Peace Camp to be moved by Edinburgh CND

Following the success of visits to the Peace Camp by Edinburgh CND and others:

-          Conference resolves that each local Scottish CND group should be encouraged and supported to participate in at least 1 Peace Camp event a year- either in the form of visits or donations.


8.     Resolution 8 in the name of Aberdeen and District CND was passed as amended from Eric Chester

a.     Other amendment from Eric Chester and his supporting notes were remitted to the Executive

Amended motion was carried unanimously. Amendment from Eric Chester was accepted with 24 in favour and 12 against. Other amendment from Eric Chester was remitted with 27 in favour of remitting and 20 against. Comments were added by Jonathon Russell, Eric Chester, Isobel Lindsay, Bill Ramsay, Susan Martin and Janet Fenton.

Resolution 8

Moved by Aberdeen CND

Scottish CND should continue to campaign for both Scotland and the wider UK to leave NATO

NATO's policy of ever more expansion has a considerable de-stabilising effect on the world.

NATO continues to hold policies of retaining nuclear arms and 'first use' of these

NATO encouraged its members to oppose the negotiations which resulted in the Treaty to prohibit Nuclear Weapons and to sign and support the Treaty

Membership in NATO is incompatible with the goal of making Scotland a nuclear weapons free zone. As long as Scotland remains within NATO, the United States will use Scottish military bases to service its submarines and plans armed with nuclear weapons.

NATO member countries are coming under increasing pressure from the United States to increase military spending. These are financial resources that should be used to fund essential services rather than more soldiers and armaments.


9.     Resolution 9 in the name of Scottish CND was passed.

a.     Amendment from Aberdeen and District CND was not accepted.

Jean Anderson who moved the motion clarified the phrase ‘good standing’ meaning a person who supports SCND’s aims, has been a member for 3 months. Seconded by Ann Ballinger. Jonathon Russell from Aberdeen and District CND agreed to drop amendment with clarification. Bill Ramsay states that constitutional amendments cannot have amendments. Motion passed unanimously.

Resolution 9

Constitutional Amendment to be moved by Jean Anderson on behalf of SCND Executive

This AGM confirms that nominations for the Scottish CND executive should be made by a SCND member in good standing and seconded by another member in good standing.

This AGM agrees that two nominations for the same candidate will count as nomination and seconding.

This AGM further agrees that seconded nominations must be received by the secretary at least 28 days prior to the AGM

This AGM agrees to amend section 6 e of the SCND constitution to reflect the points in this resolution.

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