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Scotland: A Peace of History

We invite you to celebrate with us!

2018 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the formation of the Scottish ‘Council’ for Nuclear Disarmament. We want to use the occasion to showcase and celebrate our history, whilst also looking to our future. To this end, we are creating a timeline of important actions and events, both from within and out with our movement, spanning over eighty years! We have gratefully received funding from the National Lottery’s Heritage Lottery Fund for the timeline project. We hope the final results will be nostalgic, inspiring, and educational.

Launch Event

Sat 15 Dec 2018 12-4pm Mitchell Library, Glasgow

  • 12:30pm - Informal opening ceremony with some brief speeches and some music
  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm - An opportunity to view the exhibition which celebrates the 60th anniversary of Scottish CND.

Scottish CND members, supporters and people from the wider Scottish Peace Movement are very welcome to attend the opening and view the exhibition on Saturday 15th December 2018. More information can be found on the Facebook event.


About the project

The timeline will exist in two forms. First, an exhibition in which the timeline will be on display, complete with creative graphics by our wonderful designer Andy Arthur. The timeline will be accompanied by video testimonies from key figures, as well as archived materials, showcasing photographs, music, newspaper clippings, banners and badges and other archived materials from throughout the years. It has been an absolute joy collecting and reviewing these materials, and making the final selection to be displayed will be a challenge! We are still in the process of collecting items, so if you have any materials you think may be useful to include (and don’t mind lending us!), please get in contact with us! This exhibition will be a useful educational resource, and we hope to send it on tour next year, to be hosted in schools, public spaces and at relevant events. The exhibition will launch In December this year. Details of the launch will be made public shortly.

Secondly, a virtual version of the timeline will be made available online, which we hope can be an equally useful teaching resource. As well as being easily accessible, the virtual timeline will contain a higher level of detail and information than the physical version, and will be a useful next point of contact for anyone who, having attended the exhibition, wants to know more about the history of our movement or nuclear weapons in general.

It is our hope that both versions of the timeline will provide a good working knowledge of the evolution of nuclear weapons and the simultaneous progression of the Scottish campaign against them.

Furthermore, Scottish CND are organising a free training workshop in video making and conducting interviews with BAFTA New Talent Winning Filmmaker and Storyboard Artist David Newbigging teaching participants valuable, transferable campaign skills and improve their knowledge of media and digital campaigning. Tickets for this workshop can be booked through this link.

Key events in the timeline show the progression of nuclear weaponry from the first ‘a-bombs’ to the multi-billion dollar global industry that exists today. We show how the weapons evolved not only technologically, enhancing their targeting capabilities and destructive power, but also how possession of nuclear weapons progressed into a symbol of strength and status, coveted by powerful nations. Events such as international treaties and agreements regarding nuclear weapons give a historical view of the ways in which the global community have tried to navigate this difficult, dangerous and divisive topic.

Most importantly we are showing the evolution of the Scottish peace movement, from a small number of interested parties into a broad network of SCND chapters, members, friends and affiliated groups, supporting one another’s efforts and collaborating together on various projects across the country. The last sixty years have seen countless peace-walks, demonstrations, fasts, petitions, blockades and rallies with the aim of scrapping Polaris, and then Trident. Many activists have written and published articles, books and poetry about the nuclear issue. A countless number have spent time behind bars for taking direct action against nuclear weapons. We have seen the formation of several direct-action camps, most notably the Faslane Peace Camp, which has been manned constantly with at least one anti-nuclear campaigner since 1982. Nukewatch representatives have appeared in the Scottish parliament as part of their sustained effort to expose and resolve issues surrounding nuclear warhead convoys. Delegates from Scottish CND were invited to Norway to celebrate the Nobel Prize win with ICAN partners last year. We have seen the setup of our charity, Peace Education Scotland, which is bringing nuclear weapon education to schools across the country, as well as providing training opportunities for young people outside the classroom. We have applied pressure on Holyrood to support the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which was well received from even the highest levels of the parliament.

Never have we been closer to a nuclear free Scotland, or a nuclear free world. We invite you to celebrate with us!>

How can you help?

  • Do you work in a school or educational establishment? Why not host the exhibition or plan a lesson around our online timeline?
  • Do you have any old Scottish CND badges we might not have seen? Bring them into the office for us to photograph - you may see the photo in the exhibition!
  • Are you involved with any other groups in your local area who might be interested in hosting the exhibition for a special meeting?
  • Do you have a substantial platform (online or offline) from which to share the news of our project? Please do so!

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