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Statement from Scottish CND on UDT Conference

  The Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) event will take place at the Scottish Event Centre in Glasgow between 26th and 28th June 2018. Glasgow Life are a charity that organises cultural events on behalf of Glasgow City Council and are actively campaigning for this arms trade event to be held in the city. Scottish CND is disappointed in Glasgow City Council for supporting the conference, Arthur West (chair) continues:


 "It is even more troubling that some of the companies who are supporting this event may have links with the Trident nuclear weapons replacement programme. This replacement project is opposed by a clear majority of Scotland's politicians and the Scottish public.”


It is believed that this event is run by Clarion Events who arrange a huge Arms Fair in London every two years and this in itself should raise alarm bells about the nature of this event. “A public body should not be endorsing events that promote nuclear weapons and war and Glasgow Life have some questions to answer as to why they think it is reasonable to help house this type of unsavoury event in Scotland’s largest city.


 Scottish CND is also angry that companies who have an involvement in the Trident renewal programme are sponsoring the conference. It is clear from opinion polls and the views of the majority of Scottish politicians that Trident renewal is overwhelmingly rejected in Scotland it seems very out of place to have companies with a vested interest in Trident replacement using a public venue to promote this type of gathering.


Arthur West revealed that Scottish CND are in talks with other Peace Movement organisations about co-ordinating a series of activities to demonstrate opposition to the event taking place in Glasgow. “It is frankly disgusting that an event which seems to be about developing weapons of war also looks to have gained the support of public agencies such as Glasgow Life. This type of conference is not only morally questionable but in the view of Scottish CND it is also economically wrong-headed. Furthermore, we understand that there is a consensus among many economic commentators that there is a need to diversify the Scottish economy. It really is time to move away from concentrating research and financial resources into weapons of war such as Trident and to start giving meaningful support to areas such as dealing with climate and building decent and dynamic public services.

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