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Scottish CND highlight the nuclear weapons elephant in the room

Scottish CND say that the storing of US nuclear weapons in Europe is an elephant in the room which needs to be dealt with.

Arthur West chair of Scottish CND said -

It is our understanding that the US spends a remarkable 100 million dollars annually to store nuclear weapons in five different European countries.

Mr West said:

"Research by Scottish CND and other peace movement groups indicates that 150 US nuclear bombs are stored in underground bunkers in Germany, Holland, Turkey, Italy and Belgium."


Mr West said the storage of the nuclear bombs is never officially confirmed or denied but their existence has been well known for decades.

Mr West said:

"Former MP George Kerevan highlighted this very worrying issue at our last AGM and it is certainly a matter which deserves attention.

Scottish CND also find it concerning that it is the US president who has the direct authority to approve the use of the nuclear bombs even though the weapons are not based in the US."

Mr West concluded by saying that Scottish CND will continue to highlight this important issue through their campaigning work around the recently UN approved Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons Treaty.

He said:

Whilst the nations of the European Union grapple with the implications of Brexit, we in Scottish CND will be working to bring about a Nukexit which gets rid of US tactical nuclear weapons from being stored in Europe.

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