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Scottish CND letter to BBC

Scottish CND have written to the BBC asking for fair coverage of the forthcoming Nuclear Weapons Ban talks in New York in a few weeks time.

Below is the letter sent by Scottish CND:

I am chair of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and we are currently working on a number of nuclear weapons related issues.

One of the most important strands of our work at the present time is raise awareness of UN based discussions aimed at bringing about a Global Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

These discussions are due to take place at the UN in New York between June 15 - July 7 .

The discussions are taking place following a vote in the United Nations General Assembly in December 2016 to convene a conference in 2017 to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons leading towards their total elimination.


This proposal was supported by an overwhelming majority of countries .

However it is the view of Scottish CND and a range of other organisations that a ban treaty would be hugely significant and deserves more attention than it is currently receiving from the BBC.

We are aware that if the treaty is passed it may not be formally adopted by all nations. Depressingly in our view it looks as though the UK may be one of those nations. 

If the Global Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty is passed it is our view that it will establish powerful norms and ideas which will influence the policies and practices even of states which resist being part of it .

The proposed treaty will aim not only to advance nuclear disarmament but will also focus on preventing further proliferation.

In our view it will enhance the security of people everywhere .

I would ask that consideration is given by the BBC to give these very important discussions fair and proportionate coverage.

Look forward to your response .

Yours for A Peaceful World 

Arthur West 

Cchair of Scottish CND


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