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General Elections Statement

Scottish CND have issued a statement in response to the recent announcement of a General Election.

The statement reads as follows:

Complacency about nuclear risks is now turning to concern among voters who had come to believe that nuclear weapons were history. This General Election is an opportunity to look critically at the policies of the parties seeking our votes.

Scotland will be the number one target in Europe outside of Russia if we are dragged into a war. The Faslane base just 30 miles from Glasgow has the biggest concentration of nuclear firepower. With Trump in control of the US arsenal, we are in a period of great uncertainty. Scotland's best defence is to be known for its peace and disarmament work. Instead with Trident we are known as the place where the British state keeps its nuclear bombs so that it can pose as a big power.

The British Conservative Government recently announced that it would be prepared to make a 'pre - emptive' strike and use the Trident bombs to launch an attack first, killing millions of civilians. That support for first - use creates a frightening breeding ground for mistrust and miscalculation. Don't let Scotland be part of this. Use your vote wisely.

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