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A nuclear free independent Scotland

Statement on independence referendum 

Scottish CND welcomes the First Minister's move to hold a second independence referendum. Brexit is a clear example of the Prime Minister's disregard for the democratically expressed opinions of the Scottish people, as is the UK Government's decision to boycott negotiations for the United Nations treaty to

ban nuclear weapons. The conference is starting in two weeks in New York , and instead of participating, the UK. Government chooses to go ahead with the modernisation of nuclear weapons which are all based in Scotland against the will of our democratically elected representatives at both Holyrood and Westminster. We look forward to working for a free and independent Scotland and the end of UK nuclear weapons based here - or anywhere.

Background note on statement

At its AGM in 2012 Scottish CND agreed to support Scottish independence and further confirmed this position at the 2016 AGM. Scottish CND see this is as our best opportunity for nuclear disarmament as we have shown in our two reports - Trident - nowhere to go and Disarming Trident. Removing nuclear weapons in Scotland would be a major contribution to ensuring nuclear disarmament in the UK. We will continue to work on a cross party and no party basis with all who are committed to nuclear disarmament. We will also continue to work with Civic Society organisations and the Trade Union movement in pursuing our goal of Scottish, UK and global nuclear disarmament.

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