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Life After Trident, 11 Feb

Join Helesnburgh CND at their conference on 11 Feb, 1 - 5 pm (Helensburgh Parish Church Halls, Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh, G84 8UP)


Professor Mike Danson (Heriot-Watt University)

Janet Fenton (Scottish CND)

Brendan O'Hara (MP Argyll & Bute)

Lesley Riddoch (Journalist & Broadcaster)

Chair: Alannah Maurer (Navy Not Nuclear)

It is argued that the removal of Trident from the Faslane Naval Base would be gravely detrimental to the local economy and to the wellbeing of surrounding local communities. This is a message of stagnation and despair, calculated to frighten people into accepting the presence of weapons of mass destruction on their very doorsteps.

Our Conference intends to show that the removal of nuclear weapons from Faslane would be the making of this area, in terms of:

  • the necessary decommissioning and decontamination post nuclear
  • the establishment of Scotland's own conventional defence force HQ
  • the freeing up of the Clyde estuary for alternative usages currently proscribed by the presence of nuclear
  • the range of less tangible rewards and benefits accruing to us with the removal of nuclear weapons from our soil and from our waters

Research shows that given adequate advance planning, sufficient resources and strong political direction, conversion away from defence employment can result in long term net benefits to local economies with minimal transitional unemployment. (‘Trident & Jobs’, STUC/SCND). We can provide all of these in spades, particularly when we would no longer have to pay out our share of the £200 billion plus that is the true cost of the Trident successor.

In the words of the redoubtable Elaine C Smith in the National 14/1/2017: "Scotland deserves a better script - let's start writing it!"

Buy your ticket on Eventbrite here or from Scottish CND office (0141 3571529, 77 Southpark Av, Glasgow G12 8LE)

Tickets: Waged £5 & Unwaged £3

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