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Ban Treaty Week of Action 10 - 17 Feb 2017

Last year Scotland held numerous demos to oppose the Trident vote. Now we found out that Theresa May covered up a failed Trident missile test right before the vote. We must challenge the UK's bad decision. Negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty start in March at The United Nations meeting in New York. The Ban is supported by most member states – but not the UK, and the UK media are not reporting it so far. It is up to us to tell the good news.

ICAN calls for an worldwide Week of Action from 10th to 17th Feb.
SCND and others are working with the Scrap Trident Coalition to make a big impression!

Are you willing to organise a street stall or arrange a photograph opportunity in your local area after work one evening or during the weekend in the week of action?

We have postcards and leaflets to tell the Ban Treaty story (from the SCND and Edinburgh Peace & Justice offices). We need everyone in Scotland to see them. You can ask your local MSPs to get involved and get everyone to register on http://nuclearban.org.

Along with Scrap Trident Coalition we will post about activities and the contact person in each area. Please let us know if you'd be interested in coordinating a stall. We will offer support.

We are asking everyone to make sure that we can get pictures of the whole week, make Facebook events and share these on Facebook, Twitter etc. If this is new for you we can help you get started. We will use social media to publicise all the activities, and it is really important that ICAN has our photographs with placards or statements supporting the Global Ban Treaty to share in  New York! 

We hope you will be part of this. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you'd like to talk with someone, more info from the contacts below:
Advice and support with a stall: Arthur West - mob 07826127759 (SCND Chair)
Info on Ban Treaty/ ICAN:  Janet Fenton - mob 07795594573 (SCND Vice Chair ICAN)
Social media support: David MacKenzie - mob 07876593016 (STC media/ press)
SCND Office support, materials: 0141 3571529 Flavia (Co-Organiser SCND)

Facebook event for the week of action here here

Ban Treaty leaflets and postcards are available to order or to download here



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