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Letter to Jackie Bailie

Arthur West chair of Scottish CND has written to Labour MSP Jackie Baillie after she characterised work undertaken on defence diversification as a "pig in the poke" in an amendment to a Scottish Parliamentary motion.

The  original motion has been put up by a number of MSPs  in recent days and  is focussed on  welcoming a recent report by the respected Jimmy  Reid Foundation.

The  Jimmy Reid Foundation report follows on from previous work undertaken by our former co-ordinator John Ainslie and former chair Alan MacKinnon . The report makes a compelling case for scraping trident and spending the money saved on decent things such as housing,health and education.

Arthur West said he was very disappointed that Ms Bailie appears to have dismissed this latest report on the important subject of diversification.

He said that in his letter to the MSP he had asked  her to consider the substantial work that has been done on defence diversification issues.

Arthur West said it looks as though Jackie Baillie needs to give consideration to the issue of what society could do with money saved by scrapping trident. We now have a situation where in areas such as local government thousands of jobs have disappeared in recent years.  Scrapping trident would give us resources and funds to sustain and develop jobs across socially useful areas of the economy such as quality local government services.

Arthur West

Chair of Scottish CND

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