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Scottish CND comments on new Prime Minister meeting First Minister

Scottish CND hope there is some discussion on Trident replacement  when the new Prime Minister Theresa May meets with Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh today.

Arthur West chair of Scottish CND said-

We expect  that the First Minister will be reminding the new PM that the vast majority of Scottish voters at the referendum voted to stay in the EU.

Mr West said that Scottish CND and the wider peace movement also feel that the clear majority of people in Scotland who oppose Trident replacement are being ignored by the Prime Minister and her party.


Mr West said-

A few days ago delegates from Scottish CND were at Westminster to lobby MPs ahead of a vote on Trident replacement at Westminster on July 18th. The lobby confirmed that 57 out of the current group of 59 MPs are opposed to Trident replacement.

Each of these MPs received a statement signed by their constituents supporting them in their opposition to Trident replacement.

It is outrageous that one of the first acts of the new Prime Minister was to go for a vote on trident replacement given the overwhelming opposition from Scottish MPs. Hopefully the First Minister will remind her of that point when she meets Theresa May today. 

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