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Scottish CND must redouble its efforts to work for a peaceful world in response to the Chilcot Report

Scottish CND will redouble its efforts to work for world peace in response to the Chilcot Report.

Arthur West chair of Scottish CND said:

The Chilcot Report has clearly highlighted the Iraq war as disastrous and ill advised.

Innocent Iraqis and British soldiers lost their lives in the conflict and terrorism has now spread across the Middle East.

The report also indicates that Tony Blair gave a commitment to  the US president  to go to war prior to any reference to cabinet or parliament.


Arthur West concluded by saying that Scottish CND will be responding to Chilcot by continuing its work in support of peace in the world.

We already support a monthly peace and anti war vigil in Glasgow as well as organising regular Scrap Trident activities and actions.

We owe it to the dead and injured of the Iraq to work as hard as we can to ensure that there is no repetition of such a  dreadful and awful conflict.

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