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SCND Statement on Syria

Scottish CND is extremely concerned about recent developments in Syria. Scottish CND totally condemns the use, manufacture and stockpiling of chemical weapons in Syria and anywhere else in the world.

Scottish CND is opposed to intervention in Syria and believes it would have huge regional and global consequences.
In recent times the so called War on Terror helped to destabilise the Middle East. Military intervention by the United States and Britain has caused massive destruction and loss of life in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is reason to fear that the outcome will be the same in Syria particularly as we have no way of predicting the amount of civilian deaths and injuries which would result from such an intervention. Syrian authorities have indicated that they will be prepared to use chemical weapons in the event of a attack from other countries, the impact of such a threat with not only be a disaster for forces entering Syria but may lead to the indiscriminate deaths of the civil population in Syria and the surrounding region.

Scottish CND also expresses its utmost concern that it appears the US is unwilling to wait until the results of the United Nations weapons inspectors report is completed before progressing down the road of military intervention.
Scottish CND fully accepts that the current situation in Syria is extremely difficult at the present time. However we take a clear view that military intervention will only succeed in making matters worse.

We therefore call for further efforts to find a diplomatic and political solution to the current situation.

Scottish CND specifically calls for diplomatic efforts to involve all relevant parties including Iran. We also call for a total ban on chemical weapons and for all Scottish MPs to vote against military intervention in Syria during the House of Commons debate on August 29th 2013

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