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The majority of Scots feel that Trident is useless in defending our country against real threats

A poll commissioned by Wings over Scotland and carried out by reputable polling agency Panelbase.com reveals that the majority of Scots do not feel threatened by the possibility of Russian, North Korean, Iranian or Chinese attacks.

Once again the findings of another poll show that majority of people in Scotland consider the UK’s Nuclear Arsenal to be a worthless expenditure which fails to deliver on its claimed purposes.


Scottish CND says it is time to get rid of our nuclear weapons which provide no defence against complex threats such as terrorism and cyber attacks. We are very pleased that yet another poll of Scottish public opinion seems to agree with us. 

Poll Results:


"Which of these do you think represents a significant threat to Scotland in your lifetime?'

Conservative Governments elected by the rest of the UK           52%

Being attacked by terrorists                                                       34%

Being attacked by North Korea                                                   7%

Being attacked by Iran                                                                5%

Being attacked by space monsters                                               4%

Being attacked by China                                                             4%

Being attacked by Russia                                                            3%

None of the above                                                                    24%

'Which of these threats do you think the sitting of nuclear weapons at HMNB (Faslane) provides Scotland with a practical defence against?'


Being attacked by North Korea                                              18%

Being attacked by Iran                                                            17%

Being attacked by terrorists                                                     16%

Being attacked by Russia                                                         14%

Being attacked by China                                                          12%

Conservative Governments elected by rest of UK                      8%

Being attacked by space monsters                                             5%

None of the above                                                                   58%    

Please check the link if you wish to explore all the poll results.

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