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Trimming the Trident Replacement is not enough

In response to the Liberal Democrats Alternatives to Trident Review Scottish CND argues that trimming the Trident Replacement is not enough. The United Kingdom should give up nuclear weapons all together.

The UK Government plan to keep these Weapons of Mass Destruction in Scotland for the next 50 years. The review should have included the option of complete nuclear disarmament.

Proceeding with the current plan for Trident replacement, but with fewer vessels, will still mean deploying a force which is capable of inflicting devastation on a colossal scale. It would also mean that the West of Scotland will continue to be one of the primary nuclear targets in the world.  


The savings from this reduction would be modest. There would be substantial costs incurred in building any replacement system.

All the arguments used in this report to justify UK nuclear weapons can be used by every other country in the world - if they are essential for the UK, why not for Iran?

Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND, said:

“While we welcome the Liberal Democrat's call for an end to continuous patrols, this should be a step towards scrapping Trident, not a way to keep nuclear weapons in Scotland for another 50 years. As Danny Alexander said - Trident is the last, unreformed bastion of Cold War thinking - The only way to address these moral and economic issues is to scrap Trident and abandon all plans for a replacement. In this way we can honour our commitments under the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty”

For a full CND report on Trident Review please visit this link.

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