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Trident poll by Lord Ashcroft

A new poll by Lord Ashcroft claims that only 34% of Scots want to give up nuclear weapons.

“The results contradict Scottish CND poll and other public research and the Coalition’s austerity drive is increasing opposition to replacing Trident as people think the money will be better spent elsewhere.” Arthur West - chairman of Scottish CND



According to this poll:

- 48% of the respondents oppose UK having nuclear weapons and only 37% support it;

- only 20% of the respondents agreed with the curent proposal which is to replace Trident with an equally powerful system;

- 50% were opposed to lease out Faslane to the rest of the UK, if Scotland was independent, and only 35% supported this.

Scottish CND poll, run by TNS in March 2013 revealed that 80% of those who expressed a definite opinion about Trident are against its replacement and we are extremely confident that these results are accurately reflecting Scots’ opinions.

Click here if you wish to see the motion lodged by Bill Kidd with regards to this poll.

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