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Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Don't Bank on the Bomb Campaign Launch
Mon 16 Nov 2015  7:00pm - 9:00pm
City of Edinburgh Methodist Church - Edinburgh
Edinburgh CND


Companies that manufacture nuclear weapons, like Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems, depend on investments by banks and other financial institutions. The Royal Bank of Scotland is the largest investor in nuclear weapons in the UK. 

But they are not the only investors in weapons of mass destruction. Many pension funds, including those of our public institutions, also invest in them. Anyone with a bank account or a pension may be unwittingly and unwillingly tangled up in this intricate and insidious web. 

121 countries have recently pledged support for a new ban treaty, which could be negotiated in the near future even without the participation of nuclear-armed states such as the UK and could include a prohibition on the financing of nuclear weapon production, maintenance and modernisation. This could have a profound effect on any individuals or financial institutions that hold investments in nuclear weapons. As with the Carbon bubble these investments are increasingly risky.

This situation gives us the power to demand divestment and remove support from companies that profit from nuclear madness.


Wilbert van der Zeijden and Maaike Beenes, co-authors of the Don't Bank on the Bomb report from Pax (Netherlands). 
Rebecca Sharkey ICANUK Campaigner on the growing global movement to ban nuclear weapons. 
Dr Richard Dyer, Medact, on the humanitarian catastrophe of any use of nuclear weapons. 
Speaker from Edinburgh University People & Planet on the ongoing campaign to hold the University to a higher standard of ethical divestment.
Phil Lucas, Campaign Against the Arms Trade on the CAAT Arms to Renewables campaign. 
Chair: Brian Larkin, Coordinator of Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre

Tea, coffee and cake from 7pm. 
Speakers 7:15 – 8pm. Q&A / Discussion 
Planning for future campaigning 8:30 - 9pm. 

Please book a place on Eventbrite to give organisers numbers for catering.


City of Edinburgh Methodist Church   -   Website
25 Nicholson Square


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