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Spring Walk for Peace
Tue 1 Apr 2014 - Mon 7 Apr 2014 
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 In 2013 Holyrood took a strong stance, opposing Trident and in April next year, Scottish CND is planning to walk from the Scottish Parliament to carry this message to the nuclear submarine base at Faslane. The week-long walk will include a send-off rally at the Scottish Parliament (1 April 2014), a March and Rally in Glasgow (Sat 5 April 2014) and meetings and discussions with communities and their elected representatives across central Scotland. We believe that the theme, ‘Cut Trident – not jobs and services’, will chime with the aspirations of millions of people in Scotland.


Please take part in the walk or in the events along the route.
If you want more information please visit www.springwalk.org or email us if you have any queries.

Day 1 – Tue 1 April Send Off Rally

Assemble – Car Park opposite Parliament

Day 5 – Sat 5 April

Glasgow Rally & Demo (George Square Glasgow)

Day 7 – Mon 7 April

Faslane Finish

There are also various ways to help like distributing leaflets, stewarding, driving, catering, raising awareness of the campaign, organising a group to join the walk.

If you wish to register please visit the Get Involved section on the website and fill the form or email us and we’ll get back with additional info.