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'War School' Screening: Edinburgh World Justice Festival
Tue 15 Oct 2019  6:30pm
Edinburgh CND


Peace Education Scotland, Edinburgh CND, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre and Edinburgh Campaign Against Arms Trade are pleased to host this event for the Edinburgh World Justice Festival. The links between militarism and climate change are becoming harder to ignore. We cannot justify the irreperable harm done to our planet through military consumption of petrol and power, and the use and testing of weapons of mass destruction. The search for climate justice must include a transition away from the military industrial complex.

'War School: The Battle for Britain's Children' has been screening all over the UK since its release in 2018. Peace Education Scotland hosted its Scottish premiere in Edinburgh in June, where it was well recieved by peace campaigners and the public alike. Loosely following the Armed Forces Day celebrations held in England, the documentary looks at the dangers militarism poses to the nation’s youngest generations. The film raises the serious question of whether the British as a whole are ‘sleepwalking’ ourselves into a far more militarised society, and what that change might mean for the livelihoods of the nation’s children, now and later in life.

All are welcome. No age restrictions but we suggest the film is suitable for ages 15+ (film contains testimonies from former soldiers including graphic descriptions of acts of war). This is a totally free event, although we'll be accepting donations on the door.

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