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Edinburgh Meeting on Nuclear Convoys
Wed 21 Feb 2018  7:00pm
Edinburgh CND


3. Wednesday 21st February: Open Meeting on Nuclear Convoys. 7pm at the Peace and Justice Centre 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN


Wednesday 21 February 2018: Open meeting on nuclear convoys
7 pm, Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh
Did you know that nuclear warheads are regularly transported in lorries for hundreds of miles along UK roads? Any accident involving an explosion or fire could lead to a radioactive plume spreading for miles, poisoning a huge area for thousands of years.
This meeting will give you the opportunity to hear from David Mackenzie of Nukewatch about its recent report, “Unready Scotland”, which raises sharp questions about the preparedness of the civil authorities in Scotland to respond to a serious incident involving the transport by road of UK nuclear warheads.