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Faslane Peace Camp - Peace Prize Celebration
Sat 9 Dec 2017  2:00pm - 3:00pm
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As we know, ICAN have been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize for their work with the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty. 

They have dedicated this award to all those who have campaigned against nuclear weapons, and have asked that anyone involved in the campaign celebrate this win with them. 

So in celebration, we are hosting a gathering at Faslane Base from 2PM - 3PM on Saturday. We're hoping to get lots of local anti-nuclear groups present at this special vigil, as well as supporters from near and far! This will be followed by some hot drinks and a catch up down at the peace camp.

Bring Your Own Banner! 
(probably advisable to also bring your own raincoat)p.


Meet at the camp at 13 if you want