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Cranes Workshop - Nobel Prize Celebration Edinburgh
Fri 8 Dec 2017  2:00pm - 4:00pm
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Celebrate ICAN Winning the Peace Prize at the P&J Origami Peace Cranes Workshop.
Sat 8 Dec 2 - 4pm. 
Peace & Justice Centre.
5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN.

This month's workshop is extra special because we'll be joining the nearly 500 ICAN partners globally to celebrate the Peace Prize. As an ICAN partner we will be active in the 1,000 Days to Ban the Bomb campaign that kicks off on Sunday after the Peace Prize award ceremony. 

We're  super excited because we have just received 50,000 origami peace cranes from Japan, bringing our total up to 70,000. So we're half way to the goal. 

Come join us folding paper cranes to remember those who were killed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, to express the hope that nuclear weapons will never be used again and to promote the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons – the Ban Treaty. 

Folding paper cranes is done because of the story of Sadako, a Japanese girl who was just two years old, living in Hiroshima when the atom bomb was dropped. Sadako later developed leukemia and while in hospital heard that anyone who folded 1000 paper cranes would have their wish granted. Wishing for peace Sadako set out to fold One Thousand Paper Cranes before she died aged 12.

We aim to make 140,000 cranes to represent the number of people killed by the Hiroshima bomb by the end of 1945. Come along and help us make that happen. 

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