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Scottish Green Party policy on Trident

The Scottish Green Party are opposed to Trident and to replacing Trident.

Scottish Green Party manifesto 2015:

"it’s time for the UK to play a new role on the world stage. a Green Government will deliver a foreign policy based on peace, a global deal on climate change and a halt to the arms trade. We will disarm the trident nuclear weapons in the Clyde, and scrap the Vanguard-class submarines. Workers will be reskilled and redeployed to provide defence of the strategically important northern seas from faslane and Coulport. We will leave nato and collaborate on security with our neighbours without the use of weapons of mass destruction. We will reduce military spending and reorient the armed forces away from the projection of power and towards defence, Un-sanctioned peace-keeping, conflict resolution and international humanitarian efforts." (SGP manifesto)

Speaking before the referendum, Patrick Harvie MPs said:

“Trident is an absurd relic. Its removal from Scotland would strengthen the case against its renewal by the UK Government.

“A Yes vote shouldn’t just be viewed as a chance to move Trident but to scrap it altogether. It was disappointing to hear the Libdems describe CND and its supporters as naive, while Labour simply resorted to the worst kind of hand-wringing on this crucial moral issue.

“Nuclear weapons are unsafe and unstable. They have not kept the peace."