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SNP policy on Trident

The SNP are firmly opposed to Trident nuclear weapons and to the plans to replace them.

SNP Manifesto 2015:

"Scrapping Trident

We will oppose plans for a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons and seek to build an alliance in the House of Commons against Trident renewal. We will vote for the £100 billion that the Westminster parties plan to spend on Trident renewal to be invested instead in better childcare, education and the NHS ...

"For no new nuclear weapons – we continue to oppose nuclear weapons and will seek to block a new generation of nuclear weapons, saving as much as £4 billion a year in the mid-2020s ...

"At a time when thousands of our citizens are forced to use food banks, there can be no doubt that spending billions on a new generation of nuclear weapons is unjustifiable. A vote for the SNP is a vote to halt progress on Trident renewal, delivering a saving of £100 billion over the next 35 years.

"The SDSR [Strategic Defence and Security Review] must also fully consider the advantages of a defence policy without weapons of mass destruction and wasting £100bn renewing Trident. We will continue in our principled opposition to nuclear weapons and believe that the UK should abandon plans to renew the Trident nuclear missile system. In addition, the MoD should also publish in full current and projected annual costs of the Trident system and its proposed successor programme, including nuclear weapons through-life costs ...

"none of us can afford the £100 billion they [Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats] plan to spend on new nuclear weapons."

(SNP manifesto)

Party leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has said that Trident will be a red line issue for the SNP in a hung parliament and that they would not offer support to a Labour government which went ahead with the plans for Trident replacement.

During the referendum campaign the SNP said that nuclear weapons should be removed from Scotland within 4 years of the country becoming independent.