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Labour Policy on Trident

The Labour Party supports the replacement of Trident with a new nuclear weapon system. It also supports maintaining continous patrols by Trident.

Labour Manifesto 2015:

"Labour remains committed to a minimum, credible, independent nuclear capability, delivered through a Continuous At-Sea Deterrent. We will actively work to increase momentum on global multilateral disarmament efforts and negotiations, and look at further reductions in global stockpiles and the numbers of weapons." (Labour Manifesto)

The Scottish Labour Manifesto 2015 makes no mention of Trident.

Vernon Coaker, Labour Defence spokesperson, said in the House of Commons on 20 January:

"Let me say this unequivocally: our position, in an increasingly uncertain and unstable world, is that it is right for the UK to maintain a credible, minimum independent nuclear deterrent based on a continuous at-sea posture. It is right to want to deliver that deterrent in the most capable and cost-effective way, and in a way that best contributes to global security. It is right, therefore, to want to examine all the UK’s military capabilities, including nuclear, as part of the next strategic defence and security review, and to state that we would require a clear body of evidence for us to change our view that continuous at-sea deterrence provides the most credible and cost-efficient form of deterrent.

... The UK should maintain the minimum, credible, independent nuclear deterrent through a continuous-at-sea system, delivered in the most cost effective way, while advancing along the path to multilateral disarmament.

...Our policy is quite clear: we want a minimum independent credible deterrent based on continuous at-sea deterrence, and of course we want to provide it in the most cost-effective way possible. "

The £100 billion programme to replace Trident was started under Tony Blair's Labour government and the current Labour leadership intend to continue with it. Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy is a strong advocate of the British nuclear weapons' programme.