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Scotland Not Trident

Scottish CND are organising days of action in 2019 to highlight the ways money saved by scrapping the Trident nuclear weapon programme could be better spent on essential public services in Scotland.

We encourage local groups and individual supporters to do anything through the month to spread the message of Scotland Not Trident. This includes street stalls, gatherings, vigils and writing a letter to your local paper or a social media post.


The campaign launched with Housing Not Trident in March 2019, focusing on the serious shortage of affordable homes to rent and buy in Scotland. Scottish CND estimate that the Scottish share of the capital cost of the Trident programme will cost at least £5 billion over the next 10 years, equal to building over 50,000 affordable homes. 

With an estimate of 188,000 people on waiting lists for local authority and housing association homes a small investment from the money saved by scrapping Trident could help transform Scotland's housing issues. READ MORE: https://www.facebook.com/events/243255539957745/


In April 2019, our focus for this campaign was on the issue of climate change and highlighting the fact that just some of the £5 billion Scotland will have to spend over the next 10 years for the replacement of Trident could be used to invest in energy efficiency measures and developing renewable energy which could make Scotland a world leader in renewable technologies instead of renewing a morally indefensible waste of public funds.

We looked at the effects of a nuclear winter which would cause global breakdown of food supplies and fire dust particles which would deflect the Sun's warmth, the opposite of the unchecked emissions of greenhouse gases that are already causing sea levels to rise, drinking water and food shortages, drought and species extinction.

READ MORE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1280458482102896/


For May Day, we launched our focus on Jobs Not Trident, one of the most contentious issues surrounding nuclear disarmament in Scotland and across the UK. We focused on previous research by Scottish CND and other organisations which indicates that by ridding Scotland of Trident more jobs could be created and the money saved could develop jobs in socially useful areas such as renewables, health and education. Using research from our friends at NET and the Jimmy Reid Foundation we noted that an imaginative programme of arms conversion could use many of the skills and resources at present tied up in the military industry to create new jobs. Major unions such as Unite and the PCS have backed the idea of defence diversification while a 2015 report by Scottish CND and the STUC identified marine tourism in the Faslane/Coulport areas a potential alternative source of employment.

The money saved by not replacing Trident would mean that a real industrial strategy could be developed.


In the months to come we will be focusing on the issue of Transport Not Trident, NHS Not Trident and Education Not Trident, if you would like to be involved in research around these areas then please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop by our office in Glasgow (77 Southpark Avenue, G12 8LE). Please help us spread the message of Scotland Not Trident by leafleting in your local area and spreading the message online.