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Trident - The Black Hole

We've long argued that Trident renewal programme is in a state of chaos with the MOD significantly downplaying the true cost and time needed to finalise it. It comes as no surprise the news that they are finding themselves in trouble again. Trident is a Black Hole swallowing much needed resources!

Britain’s nuclear submarine programme faces a potential £6bn funding gap over the next 10 years, with serious questions over whether the project can be delivered on time.

A hard-hitting assessment by spending watchdog the National Audit Office (NAO) of the Defence Nuclear Enterprise (DNS) - which covers all the Navy’s submarines, their weapons, powerplants, as well as support and design work - highlights a series of risks to the programme.

While this has just become news, Scottish CND published a report in March 2016 "The Trident Shambles" which highlighted the exact problems.Trident renewal programe is badly managed with costs jumping up, missed deadlines and staff shortages.

Here are some links to articles covering this: The National, The Telegraph, Forces.net