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SCND AGM resolutions

We extended the deadline for resolution amendments. Please send your amendments by Monday, 6th of Nov, 5 pm

SCND Resolutions 2017 


Resolution from Scottish CND executives

Resolution 1

This AGM recognises that Scottish CND is working energetically to promote the case for getting rid of nuclear weapons from our country and world .

This AGM recognises that the following areas of work require to be given  maximum backing by Scottish CND members and supporters during 2018:

1. Work to raise awareness about the Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons Treaty which was supported by 122 countries at a special United Nations session in July 2017

2 . Work to progress the Peace Academy  Project  which has been funded by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and will involve around 100 young people.

The AGM also notes that the Peace Academy project is being progressed by Peace Education Scotland which is a charity set up by Scottish CND to enhance our work in schools and the broader educational field .

3. Support a Scottish demonstration in Autumn 2018 which will celebrate the recent award of the Nobel Peace prize to ICAN as well as focussing on getting rid of trident and the importance of the global ban treaty

4. Support an active programme of public and outreach work which through involvement in festivals, public meetings, community events and street stalls

5. Supporting a range of activities to mark the 60th anniversary of CND in 2018


Resolution 2

This AGM welcomes the development of a Scottish CND Trade Union Network .

The AGM congratulates the network on organising at a number of trade union events in the last year .

The AGM wishes the network well in its work to raise the profile of peace issues within the Trade Union movement

Scottish CND Trade Union Network


Resolution 3

This AGM expresses support for the Scottish Don't Bank on the Bomb network.

The AGM supports the work of the Network in highlighting the role of financial institutions and companies in the production of nuclear weapons .

The AGM recognises that the network is organising a Don't Fund Nukes public meeting at the Quaker meeting house in Edinburgh at 7 pm on Wednesday November 15 .

The AGM agrees that Scottish CND and the wider peace movement should support and help publicise this meeting

Resolution 4

We recognise the importance of ICAN’s work in securing the TPNW and Scottish CND’s contribution to the negotiations. As one of the 400 plus organisations around the world that make up the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), Scottish CND is very proud that ICAN has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

A. In response, along with other Scottish partners we will hold a Peace Rally in late summer of 2018 at Faslane or a suitable Trident related site.

B. The aim is to highlight the strength of support from many UN member states for Scotland, a country hosting nuclear weapons against its wishes and excluded from signing the ban treaty despite longing to do so. This international support can be demonstrated through a huge turnout from ICAN partners everywhere, and a clear challenge to the UK Government to recognise the TPNW, enter negotiations and decommission Trident.

C. Scottish CND will take a lead in initiating the organisation of the rally through a working group which will collaborate with ICAN partners in Scotland, the Scrap Trident Coalition and others. It will seek  communication and liaison with ICAN International Steering Group and its partners, to maximise promotion, support and participation in the rally. This can include liaison and communication with  CND UK and the No Trident Replacement Group.


Resolution to SCND Conference from Aberdeen and District CND:

SCND recognises the danger of hostilities breaking out between the US and North Korea which could include the use of nuclear weapons. SCND therefore undertakes to lobby the Scottish Parliament to exhort the UK Government to encourage the relevant parties to use diplomatic means to bring about peaceful solutions to the issues which divide the Korean peninsula. To this end SCND will promote the following resolution (based on Early Day Motion 243) to be adopted by the Scottish Parliament:

That this Parliament:

•Notes with alarm reports that British officials are drawing up military plans for a response to a break out of hostilities between North Korea and the US which would include the deployment of the Navy's aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, as well as destroyers and frigates. 

•Expresses concern about the nuclear and missile testing by North Korea and the potential risk that provocative actions, threats and exercises in or near North East Asia and the Pacific which could lead to the use of nuclear weapons by intention or miscalculation; 

•Recognises that there are no safe hands for nuclear weapons and that any detonation of a nuclear device would be a humanitarian catastrophe with global impacts; 

•Acknowledges that further threatening and isolating the North Korean regime risks increasing the causes of conflict rather than encouraging solutions; 

•Urges the UK Government to use all appropriate diplomatic and international legal means to end nuclear threats, including active support for the UN Secretary-General and the EU in their offer to assist with negotiations with North Korea, and encouraging a return to the Six Party Talks involving China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Russia and the US; 

•Believes the objective of such talks should be to find immediate and longer term diplomatic solutions, including creating a zone free of nuclear weapons in North East Asia, a process to address the underlying causes of regional insecurity and conflict on the Korean Peninsula, and the promotion of peace, development and cooperative co-existence and security for all peoples in the region; 

•Calls on the UK Government to reject a military solution to the conflict and urgently use its influence to press for all involved to avoid and refrain from further provocative rhetoric or military exercises and tests.

Resolutions Edinburgh CND:

A. This conference affirms that the prime aim of SCND and it's local groups is to push for the abolition of the Trident Weapon system and all other nuclear weapons. We will work with all other campaigns that help to further this aim.

B. This conference requests that the SCND executive investigate the possibility of changing the present structure of the executive. In particular (a) to consider the right of every active local SCND group to send a representative to the executive and (b) to consider fixed maximum tenure for office bearers


Resolution from Ronnie Moran

The priority of SCND is to focus on nuclear disarmament in the most inclusive and least politically divisive way without being sectarian through support of independence and the break up of Britain.