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Scottish Labour Party Leadership Candidates - Views on Trident

Scottish CND wrote to Richard Leonard & Anas Sarwar to ask about their position on nuclear weapons.

Richard Leonard

"I am a longstanding member of CND and so have no hesitation in opposing the renewal of Trident and proposing reinvestment in alternative employment to guarantee the income of those workers whose jobs are dependent on Trident and its replacement.

I also firmly believe that the UK Government should sign the multilateral UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which opened for signature on the 20th of September. Successive Governments have stated  their support for multilateral nuclear disarmament now is the time to follow this up with action."

Photo of Richard Leonard with surviving victims of Hiroshima bombing (Scottish Parliament, March 2017).

Anas Sarwar

He did not answer, but he backed the ongoing renewal of the UK's nuclear weapon's system at the UK Labour's annual conference in September this year.

"I think we made our pledge in the manifesto on Trident - and I'll stick with it."

If you are a Scottish Labour Member, please bear in mind their position on Trident when you cast your vote.