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Arrests at Coupolt, Brian Quail imprisoned until 3rd August

The Trident Ploughshares' Coulport Disarmament Camp has seen lively actions all this week to disrupt the Trident nuclear weapons programme. SCND executive member Brian Quail was one of the first to be arrested when he blockaded the road by locking arms with Angie Zelter, founder member of TP. Both refused bail conditions that would restrict their access to the base or the camp, and expect to remain in custody until 3rd August.
Other Trident Ploughshares activists have been arrested for blockading, and there are about 70 people who have been committed and active in actions at or around the camp. International and local campaigners at the camp are celebrating the Nuclear Ban Treaty that was adopted at United Nations last week. SCND Vice Chair Janet Fenton who was at the treaty negotiations with a strong delegation from the SCND Ban Treaty Group is resident at the camp along with SCND members form Aberdeen, Edinburgh and other parts of the country. In addition to blockades to disrupt activity, the Trident Ploughshares camp provides a great opportunity to exchange information and join colourful street action around the base and in nearby towns.
You can find updates online,
You can send cards, letters of support and postcards to Brian and Angie. 
50463, Angie Zelter, HMP Edinburgh, 33 Stenhouse Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3LN


13977 Brain Quail, HMP Low Moss, Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, G64 2QB
You can also email either of them by setting up an account for yourself with a minimum credit of £5.  You need their prisoner number and location, as above. 
Information about visiting is available from Scottish CND or Trident ploughshares. 
The camp runs until Saturday July 15 and Scottish CND members and supporters who wish to visit will be most welcome. If you can make it a trip to the camp site is recommended.