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Constitution to ban nuclear weapons

The Sunday Herald reports that Alex Salmond is proposing that the constitution of an independent Scotland would include a prohibition on nuclear weapons.





Scottish CND  welcomed the proposal. John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND, said,
"Building a prohibition of nuclear weapons into the foundations of an independent Scotland would be a clear sign of our determination to eliminate these weapons of mass destruction. It would also send a message around the world of the need for all nations to take a similar stand."

Such a ban was one of the measures suggested by Scottish CND in our Disarming Trident report, published in June 2012.

"A prohibition of nuclear weapons, or all Weapons of Mass Destruction, could be written into the

constitution of an independent Scotland. In its constitution, the Philippines “adopts and pursues a policy

of freedom from nuclear weapons in its territory”. Austria has a passed a constitutional Act which says

that “nuclear weapons must not be manufactured, stored, transported, tested or used in Austria”.

Mongolia has an act which prohibits any individual or state from stationing or transporting nuclear

weapons on its territory. Legislation in New Zealand goes further and prohibits any person

from aiding or abetting the manufacture, possession or control over nuclear weapons."