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The SNP annual conference in October will debate a resolution which says that an independent Scotland should be a member of NATO, but subject to the removal of Trident.

Scottish CND welcome the SNP’s announcement that they would seek the speediest safe removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland. We recently published a report, Disarming Trident, which we shows that this could be accomplished within two years. As there is no alternative site for Trident, the removal of these weapons from Faslane would result in nuclear disarmament for Britain.

However, Scottish CND do not support the United Kingdom or an independent Scotland being members of NATO. The alliance is a creature of the Cold War and an anachronism. The Strategic Concept of the alliance says that so long as nuclear weapons exist, NATO will remain a nuclear alliance. While there are members of the alliance who are actively working for nuclear disarmament, they have, so far, been unable to effect a dramatic change in NATO’s approach to these Weapons of Mass Destruction.

(CND No to NATO Campaign; SCND handout on NATO; Report on Chicago conference)