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Educational Poster Sets

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This set of five posters have been created particularly for use in schools. They are available for £3 per set. Notes and lesson plans accompany these posters.

If you would like a copy please order direct from Scottish CND, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow, G41 1QH or contact us for further information.

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Notes on Posters


Scottish CND works closely with British CND and has the same aims. Its specific objectives concern the presence of nuclear weapons and nuclear installations in Scotland. A main aim is to get rid of Britain's Trident system, based at Faslane. In the poster 'the bomb' is symbolised in black at the centre of the poster. The X symbolises:

 - opposition to the bomb (by crossing it out)
 - the X on a ballot paper
 - the St Andrew's cross on the Saltire


This poster is included in the Pressure Group set because opposition to Trident is one of SCND's main and longest-running campaigns. Britain has four nuclear-armed, nuclear-powered Trident submarines. Each submarine has 16 missiles carrying up to 48 nuclear weapons. Each warhead has a destructive killing power seven times that of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

The poster indicates the naval bases at Faslane and Coulport along with Vulcan near Thurso where the engines for nuclear-powered submarines are tested, Applecross where submarines are tested, Rosyth, where the radioactive hulls of old nuclear submarines are stored, and Chapelcross where Plutonium and Tritium, both used in nuclear bombs, are produced.


In an attempt to ensure that missiles cannot land on the US, the American Government is establishing bases from which anti-missile missiles can be fired. These missiles will intercept incoming missiles and destroy them.

Scottish CND opposes this 'Star Wars' system because it contravenes the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty by which American and Russian undertook not to establish such systems and because American could be tempted to use its weapons without fear of retaliation and further that other countries will be tempted to build missiles that can overcome these defences the British Government is allowing the US to have a Star Wars base in Yorkshire.

The poster can be used, in conjunction with the previous poster in two ways: The poster and leaflet can be used in two ways:
1. To consider the Star Wars system
2. As an example of the work of SCND as a pressure group


As well as the use of conventional methods, SCND takes part in actions to disrupt physically the activities of the military. This aspect of SCND activity could be used to debate acceptable and unacceptable methods of demonstrating.



The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. It campaigns through peaceful demonstrations, public information meetings, political lobbying for an end to nuclear weapons and works closely with anti-nuclear groups in other countries.

Applying pressure is not solely the responsibility of any pressure group. Change cannot be effected unless there is support from other groups and individuals. The poster suggests what SCND does and what it wants others to do.


Chernobyl: Site of largest nuclear power accident to date

Depleted Uranium: Metal used to strengthen weapons, which disintegrates on impact to form radioactive dust.

Faslane: Base on Clyde for Britain's Trident submarines

Hiroshima: City destroyed with a nuclear bomb in 1945

Dounreay: Village near Thurso at which a breeder reactor experiment was conducted and at which Trident submarine engines are tested

Fylingdales: Radar station for detecting enemy missiles, likely to be developed as part of the Star Wars system

Nagasaki: The second city destroyed with a nuclear bomb in 1945

Plutonium: Highly toxic metal used in nuclear bombs

Rosyth: Town on the River Forth used as a dump for the radioactive hulks of old nuclear submarines

Star Wars: System being developed for destroying incoming enemy missiles

Three Mile Island: Site, in US, of major nuclear power accident

Trident: Name of nuclear weapons system employed by US and UK and based on nuclear-powered submarines

Windscale: Nuclear reprocessing factory in Cumbria at which there was a nuclear accident which cause radioactive contamination, The name was changed to Sellafield.

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