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1. Pin the poster showing the route of the walk or the programme with detailed itinerary to the classroom wall. On each day of the walk stick a coloured pin at the place where the walk is scheduled to be. Encourage students to look out for items in their local newspapers, on regional TV and radio, reporting the walk.

2. Shortly before the day when the walk is scheduled to pass through or near the town in which your school is located, ask students to look for information about it in local libraries, on posters etc. If there is to be a civic reception or a rally, consider whether the class might attend as part of its study of a pressure group in action. If the school is in Edinburgh, consider whether class might attend the foot-washing in St John's Church or the final arrival of the Long Walk at the Scottish Parliament.

3. Have each member of the class write a letter to (or email) his or her local MP, asking the MP's views on a specific question associated with Trident - the question to be of the student's own choosing.

4. Have the class design posters or write poems to express the general concept of 'Scotland's for Peace'.

5. Divide the class into two groups: one is in favour of replacing Trident, the other against. Both groups should set out in detail their arguments and the methods they will use to get these arguments across to the general public and to their local MP. These methods could include designing posters and leaflets.


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