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Scottish CND's educational resource "Nuclear Weapons: Yes or No" is aimed at late primary to secondary school pupils. It has four units which can be viewed/downloaded as PDF files here:
The resource includes videos, further challenges, resources and an Added Value Unit pdf which can be selected at the teacher’s discretion to add depth and width to the topic. image of a talking head

We welcome feedback from pupils and teachers about the packs. Please click here to volunteer as one of our school speakers or request a speaker for your school.


Visit to St Paul’s RC High School

We would like to thank St Paul’s RC High School for arranging four talks about nuclear weapons and CND. We had very inspiring discussions with their Modern Studies classes in late November 2014. Some of the pupils we met are members … Continue reading

Scottish CND Education welcomes EIS help

SCND Education would like to thank the Educational Institute of Scotland for their support in promoting and distributing our brand new DVDs. These DVDs will be distributed to all Scottish Secondary Schools and include a balanced range of educational resources … Continue reading

SCND Education DVDs

We finalised our DVDs. They have all our educational resources, videos (includes versions with subtitles or audio description), website links and additional information. Please get in touch if you want a copy.  
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SCND Education is now a charity (Peace Education Scotland). Registered today, on International Day of Peace!!! How cool is that. Keep an eye on our activities, we have high aims. Do let us know if you want to get involved in our education programme.

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Did a nuclear-missile accident nearly obliterate the eastern United States in 1980? Explore this unbelievable true story and join Salon's Andrew O'Hehir, writer Eric Schlosser and director Robert Kenner as they discuss the nonfiction thriller "Command and Control." [Command and Control (film) and American Experience PBS] [https://www.facebook.com/commandandcontrolfilm/]

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What does the Peace Symbol mean?

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For those out there thinking that dropping the bombs was necessary

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Come and hear how the Chernobyl disaster is still affecting the lives and health of people living in the area.

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Chernobyl's Children Public Meeting

Chernobyl's Children Public Meeting

Come and hear how Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster is still affecting the lives and health of people living in the area.

Speaker: Ellen Charlton (Chernobyl Children's Project)

She will be speaking about the Project's work with children and young adults who suffered from disabilities and health problems such as cancer as a result of the incident. Ellen will also talk about how the results of the incident still affects people in the area.

In her talk Ellen will particularly focus on how the work of the project helped children by offering recuperative holidays in Scotland.

Wellington Church, 77 Southpark Ave, Glasgow G12 8LE
25 May, 7 pm

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