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"STAR WARS: Space - the next target for US invasion"

US plans to achieve "full spectrum dominance" will sound familiar to many people involved in the campaign to stop the war on Iraq. A new CND publication reveals how that strategy was first revealed in official documents relating to US weaponsiation of space.

In a well-researched and factual pamphlet Scottish CND has produced an up-to-date analysis of US plans to put weapons in space, better known as 'Star Wars'. With a forward by Bruce Kent and contributions from Tony Benn and Neil Mackay (award winning journalist from the Glasgow Herald) among others, the 60 page pamphlet explores not just the technical side of the US plans but also puts them into the wider context of US long-term strategic objectives and the UK-US 'Special Relationship'.

Also with articles by Professor Dave Webb (leading UK expert on the Star Wars programme); Professor John Foster (former professor of politics at Paisley University); Richard Leonard (former chair Scottish Labour Party and political officer of the GMB) and Dr. Alan Mackinnon (chair of Scottish CND) 'Star Wars: Space - the next target for US invasion' also looks at recent Star Wars developments in the UK and across the world and at how the Star Wars programme has impacted upon the Scottish economy.

Read Bruce Kent's forward to the pamphlet here:

Some recent comments about the pamphlet:
"Scotland has once more given us a well-researched and interesting pamphlet on a current critical issue…Read the pamphlet and so equip yourself to pass on its urgent message to a public that needs to hear it." Bruce Kent, March 2004

"Accessible and informative, this excellent pamphlet from Scottish CND is an indispensible tool in the struggle against Star Wars - one of the greatest dangers to world peace today." Kate Hudson, Chair British CND, April 2004

"'Star Wars: Space - the next target for US invasion' is scarier than a horror novel and more outlandish than Science Fiction - a plan for the future written by right-wing American fanatics as monomaniacally demented as any Bond villain."
Iain Banks (best-selling Scottish author 'The Crow Road', 'Complicity', 'Dead Air' as well as best selling Science Fiction author of 'Consider Phlebas', 'Use of Weapons', 'Look to Windward') April 2004.

For more information contact:
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'Star Wars: Space - the next target for US invasion'
A5 60 page pamphlet with many black and white illustrations.
£3 a copy or £2 each for 10 copies or more.
Available from Scottish CND 15 Barrland Street, Glasgow G41 1QH
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What you can do

  • Email us for more information.
  • Protest at Menwith Hill 19 March 2004 Yorkshire CND
  • Write to your MP. Most Scottish MPs have signed an Early Day Motion against Star Wars. Ask them to put pressure on the Government not to support the US proposals
  • Write to your MSP and request that the Scottish Parliament consider this issue.

Order a "Star Wars" poster -

We have also produced notes which can be used for discussion groups using the poster in schools or elsewhere. These are available in Word (Doc) format - supporting notes

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