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Dounreay will close - but still wants to reprocess more waste

On 5th June Donald Dewar announced that Dounreay would be shut down. The statement was welcomed by Scottish CND and other anti-nuclear groups. But the news was not all good. Although Mr Dewar has banned future shipments of nuclear waste to Caithness, he has said that existing material should be reprocessed. This is not a small matter - there are tonnes of used nuclear fuel already on the site.

In response to the announcement Scottish CND issued a press release saying:

"We are glad that the government will no longer be travelling around the globe offering to dispose of the world's nuclear waste at Dounreay. However we are concerned that despite their appalling track record the UKAEA still intends to do more nuclear reprocessing in Caithness. They still want to turn 14 tonnes of used fuel, which is today at Dounreay, into bomb-grade Plutonium and Uranium, polluting the Pentland Firth in the process."

What the government still wants to reprocess:

Used fuel from Dounreay’s own reactors 13.5 tonnes
Used fuel imported from abroad and currently at Dounreay 0.6 tonnes

Total 14.1 tonnes


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