Scottish CND

The Government is currently carrying out a review of British Energy needs until 2050. There are signs that they are likely to recommend building new nuclear power stations. This is despite the fact that there is currently no long term plan for the disposal of nuclear waste in this country. The true long term costs of nuclear power are also not being taken into account - the costs of decommissioning nuclear plant are huge, in addition the costs of looking after nuclear waste will run for longer than the 50 year timescale of this review.

There is particular concern that BNFL will want to replace the reactors at Chapelcross which are already well past the end of their planned life. Chapelcross produces military material for Trident nuclear weapons. The power it produces is all exported to England.

The SNP have expressed concern that the Scottish Executive are not represented on the Advisory Group at this stage. The matter has been raised at the Scottish Parliament. Please raise this with your MSP.

More information is available on nuclear installations in Scotland:

Chapelcross, Hunterston, Torness, Dounreay, Faslane and Rosyth.

Other organisations campaigning on this issue are:

Friends of the Earth Scotland, Greenpeace

No New Nuclear Build