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Stop, Look, Listen, Demonstration


On Saturday 15th August around 300 international peace activists gathered at a rally to show their support for the immediate disarmament of Britain's nuclear weapons system, the Trident submarines, by Trident Ploughshares 2000. They met at Faslane Peace Camp, and processed to the North Gate of HMNB Clyde, where a number of speakers addressed the crowd, accompanied by singing, dancing and music. The rally was organised by Scottish CND. The demonstration remained colourful, joyful and peaceful. The march was led by drummers from the Sheboom group and there was a ceilidh at the South Gate in the evening.

Janet Bloomfield, a former chair of CND, brought greetings from Ground Zero, a protest group based in Bangor, USA, the US Trident naval base.

Pol D'Huyvetter, of For Mother Earth, took the stage to invite the police and MOD to organise themselves and stop obeying illegal orders, as is their right and civic duty under the Nuremberg Principles. He also made reference to a group of policeman in Germany who last year refused to guard the waste at Gorleben on these grounds.


Serge Levillayer joined the walk from Brussels to Faslane at Cherbourg in France, the construction site for the French nuclear weapons: "Ploughshares is a very strong way to make a non-violent protest against these illegal weapons." He attends vigils every week at his hometown.

In the afternoon there were 2 cruises on a chartered boat, the Second Snark. Security guards checked everyone's bags when the boarded the boat and the vessel was escorted by MoD Police and by Marines with binoculars and cameras. Apparently they were acting on a ridiculous rumour that we were going to take over the 60 year old pleasure boat and drive it into Faslane.

After the rally, many of the protestors have returned to Faslane Peace Camp to signal their support for the camp during its threat of eviction. One peace-camper said, "The camp is upholding International Law, Trident is not. It is Trident that should go, not us."

Programme for the demonstration.

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