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What if something went wrong ?

Scotland is not only forced to harbour these immoral weapons, we are also forced to live with the risks they bring. Trident submarines are floating Chernobyl disasters - they are powered by nuclear reactors and they carry 800 tons of high explosive in the form of missile fuel, as well as the atom bombs. Fully armed submarines are regularly lifted in a shiplift at Faslane which does not have proper safety clearance. If there was an accident on the Clyde, radiation could be scattered across the Central belt to Edinburgh and beyond.

When the atom bomb convoys travel down our roads we are at immediate risk. Official guidelines show that if there was a major accident with these lorries then the following announcement would be issued, warning people to take shelter:

An accident occurred at (time) (place) which involved a nuclear weapon. .....

Go indoors and stay there.

Close all doors, windows and ventilators.

Do not leave the shelter of a building until advised that you may do so by the police.

Do not try to collect your children from school unless told to do so. .....

Scottish CND has produced a detailed report on the risks from nuclear submarines in Scotland - safety of Trident

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