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What you can do

Join Scottish CND

- find out what is happening in the campaign - take part in events both local and national - If you are already a member, ask your friends to join.

Wear the badge

Wear a CND badge - available in a wide range of colours, put a sticker on your car or window. Show your feelings towards nuclear weapons on your lapel.

Sign the Pledge

Sign the Scottish People's Peace Pledge. Ask for more copies and get as many people as you can to sign it.

Write letters

Newspapers, particularly local papers will often print your letters. For example compare the cost of Trident with local cutbacks.

Lobby politicians

Contact local and national politicians and let them know your views. Use the information in this handout.

Spread the word

Send in for leaflets to put in your local group's newsletter - be it a political party, trade union, church ... Order more copies of this handout.

Support Non Violent Direct Action

Come along next time a protest takes place - give us your name if you are interested.

Scottish CND      magazine