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Join the nuclear resistance

Perhaps the most insidious power that nuclear weapons have is their ability to paralyse us psychologically, to induce feelings of hopelessness and despair before the unimaginable enormity of the menace they represent.

These feelings are overcome not by denial, or a naive faith in our political leaders, but by involvement and action. Hope is rediscovered through our own collective mutual empowerment.

So, join the nuclear Resistance. Help free Scotland - and the world - from Trident, the Ultimate Evil. Find out the basic facts, and tell your friends, family, and workmates what is being done in their name.

Be creative, use your imagination, and invent your own forms of protest and witness against Trident. Remember, they are imprisoned in their nuclear mind-set, bound by the straitjacket of nuclear madness; you have the freedom to act for yourself, to affirm your love of life in your own unique way.

"It is in each of us that the peace of the world is cast .. in the frontiers of our hearts. From there it must spread out to the limits of the universe." (Suenens)

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