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point of view
oor peace camp
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In the "General Election" series;
any number can play.
You put your right hand
on the yellow circle marked
"Kind to The Third World", your left
on "Strong Defence" (the red square).
One foot goes to green "Non-Proliferation"
and the other, carefully now,
on the blue "Keep Trident."
Then the object of the game
is to convince us all
you are still
standing up.

David McKenzie

Point of view

Is it a vase
or two faces opposite;
or a section of the back
of a Kimodo dragon ?

Is it a hillside,
with a pier and sheds
and a quiet glen,
not on the holiday posters
but nice enough
with scars that, in time,
could heal ?

Or a devil's freezer
full of shiny packets
to be defrosted somehow
in a millenium of slow corruption
or cooked from frozen
in one brilliant flash ?

Is it the sun
in the wrong place ?

Are there any
more questions ?

David McKenzie

Oor Peace Camp

They want tae shift oor camp awa',
It isnae really fair,
For that's the place we hae tae be
Because the Trident's there.
It's shairly no daein' ony hairm,

A sign o' peace the day,
Agin the madness o' these bombs
Tae a' that gang this way.

It used tae be a bonnie loch,
The scenery wis grand,
But noo they've got these subs oot there
We hae tae mak' oor stand.

They think the camp doesnae look nice,
The whit aboot the base ?
They've spoilt the peace o'or a' the world,
These monsters in this place.

We're agin these Trident subs.
We want them a' destroyed
An' maybe then we'll hae some peace
An' life can be enjoyed.

Margaret Harrison.

Nuclear Convoy Passing

As I watch them passing by,
Those instruments of death,
I know that I'll oppose them
Whilst I still have breath.

Only think what could be done
With the money thrown away,
To aid the folk who're dying
For want of help today.

Can't you hear the children crying
For a bite to eat?
Don't you see the people living
Homeless on the street?

Can you count the numbers waiting
For a cure today?
Those weapons steal from all the world
In every kind of way.

Margaret Harrison
Scottish CND      magazine