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Trident on Tour

It was wonderful to see so many people at the demo at Faslane last June. It's good for us to get together and feel our strength and it is vital that we keep up the pressure on the Royal Navy. However, the other half of the campaigning equation is communicating with the population at large about the nightmare that is Trident. We can't rely on the media to pass on our message. We need to be out there putting Trident back under people's noses, letting them know that nuclear weapons haven't all just "gone away", and that in fact it is all getting worse. And we need to give people an opportunity to have a say about Trident.

In June Scottish CND is Taking Trident on Tour. We will be visiting places, some small, some large, some where there is an active group, some where there are a few scattered members to draw attention to our campaign, to educate people about nuclear weapons in 1997 and to get more signatures on the Scottish People's Peace Pledge. British CND will also be having a tour which will finish at Westminster, and will be joining with us in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

If you would like Trident to visit you, and you can help with organising a site, local publicity etc, please get in touch with the office as soon as possible. Whoever is in Government by June we want to send them a clear message - SCOTLAND WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS. (Jane Tallents)

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