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Vigilant Arrives

Britain's latest addition to her nation wide home-delivery cremation service, HMS Vigilant, the third Trident nuclear submarine, was due to arrive at Faslane at 8 am on Sunday 24th November. A series of bright banners streaming horizontal in the arctic wind tearing up the Gareloch and a handful of freezing demonstrators along with a rather unhappy TV crew, were on hand to greet the beast when she sailed through Rhu Narrows. Or to be more accurate, we weren't. Because she had already come and gone an hour earlier, and was by then safely moored at her berth.

What happened was this. A cunning protester had phoned the Clyde Port Authority to find out what time the pilot was being picked up in the morning, so that we could work out when to be on Rhu Spit to give Our Brave Boys a nice warm welcome. It seems that they told the MoD about our call, and they in turn brought forward the show an hour earlier to escape our attentions (fearties !). So thanks a bundle, CPA - you miserable clypes.

We know that the original time of 8 am was right, because some Navy families arrived at that time to see their menfolk; this was obviously the time that they had been told. However, at least we got a brief spot on TV and an interview on Radio Scotland.

Mothers holding up their children to wave at their fathers lined up on the deck of Britain's submarine Superbelsen - that's the scene that always leaves me poleaxed. I wonder what it's like being part of a family where Daddy gets his bread by preparing to annihilate cities. To have a mindless robot for a husband.

Exterminate ! Exterminate ! Daleks of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your humanity.

(Brian Quail)

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