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Eviction Madness at Faslane Peace Camp

The camp won the first round of the proceedings. Thinking the council couldn’t win an appeal we came off eviction alert. The council won the appeal - on a technical point.

After many phone calls we arranged a meeting with Bill Petrie and Dick Walsh, something we’d been trying to organise since the first eviction papers were served.

We learned that the council’s excuse for wanting us gone was that no other group would have got permission to set up a “caravan site” where we are so it’s unfair if we stay.

They say there is no other council land we could have but they’ve given us time to buy some land and will maybe give us a “donation”.

Now the peace camp is looking for a piece of land near the base where we can carry on our valuable work monitoring the base, blocking nuclear weapon convoys and raising public awareness around nuclear issues. We are also working on evolving the peace camp, becoming involved in peer education and conflict resolution.

To help with this we need people to live here, visit us and share skills (building, joinery, electrics, etc) and money to keep the camp going. We’ve also set up a land trust fund. Please make cheques payable to Faslane Peace Camp.


Scottish CND      Magazine