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Lobby Your MP!

On the one hand ... our Government proclaims an ethical foreign policy. The Labour Party manifesto committed it to pursuing multilateral disarmament.

On the other ... The Strategic Defence Review perpetuates the policy of might to target nuclear missiles at sub strategic targets and non nuclear states. The government obstructs genuine efforts by non nuclear states to get multilateral talks moving, eg. the UN resolution below. The Defence Review proclaims that these cosmetic warhead reductions are as far as Britain can go until Russia and the USA make further bilateral progress.

Surely some mistake?

Our mistake may be to believe that nothing can be done about it, even though we continue to protest. We are still working in a mental framework created by years of Tory governments. It is time to remember that we represent majority opinion. Our job is to mobilise that. We need also to remember that the government has changed. Many Labour MPs have genuine personal commitments to peace and have excellent records of public opposition to nuclear weapons in the past. They are sensitive to their constituents views. They also confront as their main opponents in Scotland a Party committed to nuclear disarmament. There is also a fair chance your MP does not know much about the opportunities for nuclear disarmament today nor quite how hypocritical and spineless the Government has been.

Tell your MP Scottish CND would like you to inform your MP of the opportunities to progress which the Government has wasted and how the illegality of nuclear weapons and the non proliferation treaty create legal, moral and treaty obligations to negotiate away nuclear weapons. Although not unilateralist, we should expect Government to be seriously multilateralist. So far the record is disappointing. Perhaps they should be reminded that a Gallup Poll showed that 87% of the British public want their government to negotiate a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons. We think it would be appropriate if every member in a Constituency whose MP has not signed the motion printed below lobbied their Member and tried to get them to do so. Scottish CND would like to know who agrees. If you get any interesting excuses not to wed like to print them next time!

(based on an article by Matthew Crichton in Edinburgh CND magazine)

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