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The fourth Trident submarine, Vengeance, did not sail from Barrow in Furness at the end of February as expected. It is not clear why there has been a delay. It could depart any time in March, April or May. It will arrive at Faslane between 24 and 48 hours after it sails. Although we don't know the date we expect to have several days notice. When it leaves Barrow we will go to Rhu Spit, light a beacon, raise a saltire and call for people to assemble to protest against its arrival. There will then be protests on land and sea when it arrives. If you want to be notified when it is expected email Scottish CND

When the first submarine, Vanguard, arrived there were substantial protests in the centre of Glasgow and on land and sea at Gareloch. There were also protests at the Gareloch when the second and third submarines arrived.

Vengeance is coming here in the run up to the Scottish election. This will present a major opportunity to put Trident on the political agenda..

Scottish CND      Magazine