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Love the Planet, Scrap Trident, Valentine weekend

programme of events
my funny valentine - article by Brian Quail

The third Trident Ploughshares 2000 event will be on the weekend of 12 -15 February. On the Saturday there will be street campaigning in major centres across Scotland. Ideas for this so far -have a large heart pierced by Trident missiles; Clinton and Blair face masks; give out leaflets and chocolate hearts ...People will be asked to sign huge valentine cards, with an appropriate message (these will be hand delivered to Faslane on Monday)

The Ploughshares base from Friday to Tuesday will be the Friends Meeting House in Glasgow. Those who are travelling from other countries to Scotland will take part in street campaigning in Glasgow city centre on Saturday, we are asking Scottish CND supporters in Glasgow to join them. On the same day local CND groups are organising supporting events in other towns and cities across Scotland.

On Saturday evening will be a social event which will be an opportunity to meet TP2000 activists. On Sunday there will be meetings to plan for the blockade and nonviolence training.

Early on Monday morning protesters will travel from Glasgow to Faslane for the blockade. Trident Ploughshares 2000 are looking for support from other organisations and individuals so as cause maximum disruption to the nuclear base. Overnight accomodation is available at the Friends Meeting House free of charge, book in advance. Food will be arranged communally; you will need sleeping bag, bedroll, cutlery and plates.

For more information contact the Scottish CND office, phone Brian 0141 339 1482, or e-mail

Programme of events

Saturday 13 February 1999

Street campaigning and leafletting in support of Trident Ploughshares 2000 across Scotland. Help out if you can.

Ayr, Wallace Tower, High St, 11 am
Cupar, Crossgate, 10.30 am
Dundee, Market Square, 11 am
Edinburgh, The Mound, 12 noon
Glasgow, Argyle St Precinct, 10 am - 5 pm
Hamilton, Shopping Centre
Irvine, The Bridgegate, 10.30 am
Stirling, Town Centre, 10 am

-local contact numbers are at the back of this magazine. We are also looking for volunteers to leaflet in other places. Saturday evening - Social in Friends Meeting House, Glasgow; opportunity to meet TP 2000 activists, alcohol free.

Sunday 14 February

Preparations for blockade at the Friends Meeting House, Elmbank Street, Charing Cross, Glasgow:
2 - 4.30 pm Nonviolence and legal briefing
5.30 - 8pm Blockade briefing
There will be sleeping spaces on the floor of the Friends Meeting House overnight, book in advance.

Monday 15 February

early morning Travel from Glasgow to Faslane
7am - 6pm Trident Ploughshares 2000 blockade the workers arriving at Faslane and stop the base.


Book now for the Big Blockbuster Blockade on Feb the 15th, at fortress Faslane, where the peace-loving Indians keep the atomic cowboys under siege, and convoys get cut off at the pass.

Send the debased base a real loviní Valentine message - your timeís up. And a special kissogram to all our brave boys: Stay at home and get a life. Because we love the earth and weíre not going to let you lot waste it. We are going to take the toys from the boys.

Those terrible T P anti-terrorists are storming in to shut down your friendly neighbourhood nuclear death camp, Belsen sur le Clyde, where sad submariners skulk imprisoned in their mind-made madness. Caged in their own fears. Nuclear nosferatu - the living dead, pathetic pawns who have sold their souls for paltry pounds. They have eyes to see, but will not see, and ears to hear, but will not hear. They need us to help them find the strength and the freedom to be human. And help we will. This is a Trident Ploughshares action with a wide vision. Inclusive, an open outreach to all who love this earth, and are not willing to stand idly by while the British state plays Russian roulette with the future of humanity, and jeopardises all life on this our only home planet.

The atomic ayatollahs cannot threaten nuclear annihilation without first strangling every normal sense of humanity and compassion in themselves. Thus they are their own victims. And in their insane arrogance they expect the rest of us to play follow the leader in their mad dance of death. In their fanatical nuclear idolatry, they defy all reason, crush every decent human instinct and violate every restraint of law.

So this year send a valentine that really matters, a true message of love. Take yourself off to Faslane on February 15th and support the Trident Ploughshares blockade. There will be a weekend build-up before this event. A gathering on Friday evening in the Friends Meeting House in Elmbank Street, Glasgow for folk coming from afar; a street stall in Argyle Street on Saturday; briefing and preparation on the Sunday; then the blockade on Monday. This will be early in the morning, so we can stop the workers getting into the base and thereby stop the nuclear machine for a time at least.

This action will take place on the run-up to the elections for the new Scottish Parliament. It is a chance for us to highlight the Trident, and to show aspiring MSPs of all parties that it is the settled will of the Scottish that this monstrosity must go. So letís make this the big one. Bring mates and pals, friends and colleagues, spouses and sweethearts. And letís just do it.

Brian Quail

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